10 PlayStation Games We Can't Wait to Play on the Xperia Z3 Range From Sony

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Sony's got a three-pronged new device attack on the way, using last week's IFA tech event to launch a new tablet, a big new phone and a slightly smaller new phone for the small of hand. And they're all PS4-compatible, too.

The latest flagship model from Sony is Xperia Z3. The third in the excellent line of Z phones, Xperia Z3 boosts the spec for late 2014 by upgrading the processor to a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 and expanding the display to 5.2-inches. Even Xperia Z3 Compact is a beast, combining a 4.6-inch screen with the same top-end processor and 20.7MP camera as the larger model.

Sony also launched Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, a staggeringly thin -- just 6.4mm -- tablet using the same angular design cues as the popular phone series. All of which can be put to great use streaming PS4 games in an exclusive, and very clever way.

Sony's been running its Remote Play system for some time, letting PS3 and PS4 owners stream console games to its PS Vita portable console; now you can have it on your Xperia Z3.

Basically, your phone or tablet replaces your TV, with the processing and graphics business still carried out by the PS4 and the results pinged, via Wi-Fi, to your device. The two-way nature of Wi-Fi means the device also works as a controller, so it's possible to play PS4 games, with all their visual awesomeness, on a mobile.

All three of Sony's new Xperia Z3 models will be able to run PS4 games in this way, plus if you're a self-declared "hardcore gamer" and don't like the thought of having to play Triple-A home console games via a touchscreen interface, there's a solution for that on the way too.

Later in the year Sony will launch the GCM10 Game Control Mount. It's basically a posh bracket that lets your new Xperia Z3 sit atop a PlayStation 4 controller. The DUALSHOCK 4 controller syncs to the phone via Bluetooth for PS4 Remote Play, meaning you have your own little TV attached to the top of the pad for the ultimate in wireless, portable gaming action.

Now all you need are the games to play on. Games like these, our ten suggestions for the finest, hype-iest PS4 games you'll want to lock yourself in the wardrobe with to play in peace.

1. Destiny

It's from the developer of the Halo series, so don't go expecting anything other than all shooting, all the time. And spaceships. And men. And guns. It's been successfully beta tested for ages, and is launching on PS4 this week. Playing it via a stream on an Xperia Z3 will be nothing more than five-star gaming luxury.

2. P. T. (AKA Silent Hills)

Revealed recently at the Gamescom event, P. T. was initially quite baffling. A gorgeous survival horror type thing that arrived in playable demo form, it was soon revealed the P and the T stood for playable teaser -- and that it's all one big, clever, trailer for a new Silent Hill game. Silent Hill and the power of PS4 ought to make for a properly harrowing horror experience.

3. Metal Gear Solid 5

The hugely respected stealth series is continuing on PS4, and the last thing you'll want to happen while playing it is any form of interruption. Hence you'll want to take some sandwiches and an Xperia Z3 and a controller into the loft to play it in peace. Get up there, pull the ladder up and nail the hatch shut. And run an extension lead up through a water pipe hole. You'll need power to keep everything charged for the week or so you'll be up there.

4. Alien: Isolation

Lessons have, so they say, been learned from the disaster that was Colonial Marines, so we're cautiously excited about this one. Not least because it switches the action back to near the time frame of the first Alien film, meaning we get a game that looks like it's set in the same 1970s vision of the future as the classic movie. You'll want to play it via Remote Play in the garden shed, so no one can hear you scream.

5. DriveClub

Held back from launch for over a year, and recent images of the game tell us that time has been spent well. DriveClub is looking superb, promising to give us a slightly arcade-leaning experience reminiscent of the great Project Gotham series of old. Or like a less worthy Gran Turismo, to put it another way.

6. The Evil Within

The enthusiasts are excited about this one not for reasons to do with "graphics" or how many people it's possible to kill per minute, but because of its creator. It's being directed by Shinji Mikami, the developer behind the Resident Evil series, including the stonking, best-of-a-generation Resident Evil 4. He knows his horror games. This ought to be a right old 10/10-er.

7. Little Big Planet 3

The creative series will arrive on PS4 soon, giving gamers the chance to create and share levels and homemade games. LBP is one of the best examples of community-led gaming, with its own army of amateur developers using the toolkit game to build some amazing creations. It's a banker for stardom on Sony's console.

8. The Elder Scrolls: Online

It's the first proper MMORPG in the popular adventure series. You're going to need to set aside a lot of time. You'll be streaming it over breakfast and frantically grinding through toilet breaks; it's a game you definitely need your own little mobile screen for, as everyone you live with will hate you if you monopolise the main TV for several hundred hours.

9. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

On the quirky side of things, there's this. The first game was a surprise retro smash, combining hard, top-down action with a glorious and original look. More of it can't be a bad thing, with this sequel said to be aiming to have the player "questioning your own thirst for blood" while, ironically, doing all the killing.

10. No Man's Sky

They say this procedurally-generated universe simulator is so large you could play it for the rest of your life and not see everything that it contains. To test that hypothesis you will need one life to waste (the easy part) and large number of screens to play it on for at least 14 of your daily waking hours.

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