3D Printed Apple Watch Lets You Jump the Queues (and Several Months of Waiting)

By Gerald Lynch on at

Oh Apple, you big tease. You show off your long-awaited smartwatch, then tell us all that we won't be able to buy it until some indeterminate point next year. Keeping the timepiece locked away behind closed doors and only rolling it out for fashionable celebrities to gawp at, how's Joe Bloggs to know whether it's truly for them?

3D printing of course. Designer Martin Hajek (who you may remember from the "iWatch" concept designs) has put together a 3D-printable blueprint for all to download and try out. All with access to a 3D printer, that is.

Let's be honest; it's nowhere near the same as the real thing. But it will at least let you see if the size is comfortable on your wrists. You'll need to supply your own strap, and will have to make your own Apple Watch interface sticker to pop on the front if you've any chance of fooling anyone. But if you just want to try it on for size (or are a leftie worried about the position of the crown) then here's your best chance to do so aside from waiting months for these to appear in a retail store. [Martin Hajek]