A New Mac Mini May Land Alongside the iPad Air 2 in October

By Gerald Lynch on at

Remember the Mac Mini? The nifty little computers from Apple that aren't MacBooks, iMacs or Mac Pros? Sure, you're forgiven if you can't -- it has been two years since Apple last gave them much thought to be fair. But the diminutive computer may be getting a long-overdue refresh this year, according to sources speaking with Mac Rumors.

And it may be getting its grand unveiling sooner than you'd expect -- Mac Rumors source points to an October launch for the machines, alongside what is expected to be the launch of the iPad Air 2 and, appropriately, OS X Yosemite.

What exactly is going to be new in the 2014 Mac Mini remains to be seen -- the Broadwell chips from Intel that would be a suitably powerful upgrade for the machines without drawing too much juice or generating loads of heat won't be ready in significant numbers until next year. If the rumour is true, it may be merely a spec bump to the outgoing Haswell chipsets for the Mac Mini, presumably ahead of more sweeping changes once Broadwell launches next year. [Mac Rumors]