Ads Will Join Selfies in Your Instagram Feed Today

By Gerald Lynch on at

Adverts for coffee, chocolates, TV shows and more will all be snuggling up alongside selfie shots of your pals drinking coffee, eating chocolates and watching TV shows in UK Instagram feeds from today. Following the introduction of adverts into the US service back in 2013, brands such as Starbucks, Cadbury, Channel 4, Rimmel London, Sony Music, Estée Lauder and Waitrose will all be touting their wares through the photo-based social network.

Picture and video adverts will slowly be introduced to all user's feeds, and will be clearly marked as sponsored.

Should you find an advert particularly offensive, you'll be able to hide it and give feedback to Instagram and advertisers over what your gripe was -- so that they'll be able to serve you a more appropriate advert in the future, naturally. [Instagram]