AirVR Wants to Shut Off all Human Contact With an iPad Mini Face-Holder

By Chris Mills on at

Would you trade quite literally all of your friends (and 49 shiny Canadian dollars) for a shot at a probably-mediocre virtual reality experience? AirVR, a Canadian company with an entire Kickstarter page all to itself, is thinking 'yes'.

The AirVR helps you strap your iPad Mini (or iPhone 6 Plus) to your face, and then (thanks to two lenses) lets you focus on the iPad's screen, and thus wander around in a virtual reality, while you walk into furniture and get laughed at by your now-ex-friends back in the real world.

AirVR Wants to Shut Off All Human Contact With an iPad Mini Face-Holder

It's far from the first attempt to use smartphones (or even phablets) for a cheap shot at VR — but chances are, it will suffer from the same problems of minor lagginess and not-quite-sufficient resolution as most of the other attempts. All in all, you're probably better off waiting for the Oculus Rift to finally arrive — and not just to preserve your social standing. [Kickstarter]