Amazon's Alleged Kindle Paperwhite Successor Wants to Take You on a "Voyage"

By Gerald Lynch on at

A listing for what appears to be a brand new Kindle has briefly appeared on Amazon's German, Japanese and Spanish stores. Called the "Voyage" according to a Spanish support page, its specs suggest it's a proper successor to the Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader, not just a storage bump like we saw introduced last month.

Measuring 112 x 116 x 8mm, it'd be slightly smaller than the Paperwhite, and Amazon's thinnest e-Reader to date. With a 6-inch, 300ppi display, the listings (since pulled) revealed that both Wi-Fi and 3G versions will be available, and even divulged US pricing. At $250 for the 3G model and $190 for the Wi-Fi-only version, that'd translate to roughly £150 and £114.50 respectively if converted into Pounds directly.

Aside from last month's storage bump, it's been a whole year since Amazon properly updated its eReader line. While it's arguably a dying market, what with everyone and their dog having seemingly opted for a tablet instead, bookworms will agree that only a real paperback book can compete with how comfortable it is to read a book on an e-Ink screen. We'll keep you posted with whether or not this ends up being a real product. [Stadt Bremerhaven via Engadget]