Amazon's Kindle Unlimited Service is Like Spotify for eBooks and Audiobooks

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you tear through books like Clark Kent on a day off from being Superman, Amazon's new Kindle Unlimited subscription service is worth a look.

For £7.99 a month, you get access to 650,000 eBooks (including Harry Potter and The Hunger Games) and thousands of Audible audiobooks. All are accessible through both Amazon's Kindle devices and the company's reading apps.

Unlike a music or movie streaming service, the value here will be dependant on how avid a reader (or, listener, in the case of the audiobooks) you are -- each is an investment of many hours, and unless you're getting through a couple a month, you may be better off buying a title outright. But if you are a proper bookworm (and the quality of the library holds up) this could be a worthy monthly investment -- provided you're not adverse to eBooks in the first place.

Ahead of a monthly subscription, all Kindle Unlimited users can trail the service for 30 day. Click here to check it out.