Apple: iPhone 6 Plus Won't Bend Under Normal Use, Only Nine Complaints So Far

By Gizmodo on at

Hot on the heels of an internet uproar over the apparent bendability of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is telling us all to just calm down: CNBC Tech says the company has only heard 9 complaints so far about bendy phones, and Apple says that under normal everyday use, they'll hold up just fine.

Re/code confirms the statement. If that's the case, it shows how overblown the internet's response has been to this problem (how many #bendgate tweets have you seen in the past 48 hours?). Yes, an aluminum rectangle as tall and thin as the iPhone 6 Plus (or any of a number of large smartphones) is going to be prone to some bending if mishandled—that's how leverage works!

But it's hard to imagine that normal, everyday users are suddenly going to find their new iPhones folded in half after regular, non-abusive use. Counter to what some internet folks have theorised, the iPhone does in fact have some reinforcement built in—it's not just an aluminium tray begging to be bent when breathed on

Image: DevinPitcher, Macrumors