Apple Says it's Investigating the iCloud Leaked Nudes Hack

By Kate Knibbs on at

Apple is investigating several iCloud account violations that resulted in hackers spreading leaked photos of naked female celebrities online.

"We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report," an Apple spokesperson told Recode.

Apple has not commented on how exactly hackers got their pathetic, pervy hands on the private photos of talented famous people like Jennifer Lawrence and Hope Solo, but the snot-gobbling basement dwellers who reposted the pictures like grossly violating the privacy of a celebrity could somehow erase the deep-rooted pettiness of their lives may have used a software program called iBrute to force their way into the celebrities' iCloud accounts.

No matter how they did it, the flaccid-dicked trashcans who spread the hacked photos around are now under Apple scrutiny. We've reached out to Apple for the latest information about the investigation and will update if we hear more.