Apple Shows Off its iPhone Torture Chambers in Wake of Bending Clamour

By Matt Novak on at

Apple is in full damage-control mode in the wake of Bendgate, the mini-maybe-not-quite-scandal ripping through the tech universe after a handful of users complained that their iPhones are prone to bending like a floppy dongle. As part of its response, Apple has opened up the lab where it conducts durability tests to media outlets like CNBC and The Verge.

Apple insists that cases in which the iPhone 6 Plus has bent — especially intentional experiments — don't represent the norm and that consumers have nothing to worry about. The company has reportedly only received nine complaints about the bendability of its new phones.

"The bottom line is that if you use enough force to bend an iPhone, or any phone, it's going to deform", a senior VP at Apple told The Verge.

The tour is reminiscent of Apple's ultimate response to what was known as Antenna-gate; after first simply telling consumers just to deal with the issue, it eventually not only showed off how it tested its products, but provided free bumper cases to make things right.

Image: Screengrab from CNBC