Apple's iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Watch Event: What Did You Make of the News?

By Kat Hannaford on at

You've had close to a day to process last night's Apple announcements, so tell us: what do you think of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Watch? For a reminder of everything Apple showed off, see below:

Apple Watch: Everything You Need to Know
What could be described as an iPod Nano stuck on a wristband, the square screen is matched by a rectangular bezel, but round UI. Read More >

Apple Watch Hands On: So Much Potential in Such a Small Package
After wearing it, and seeing a trained-up Apple professional put it through some delicate paces, it's clear that the Apple Watch could live up to its promises. Read More >

Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Everything You Need to Know
As expected, Apple's launched not one, but two iPhone 6 smartphones tonight. There's the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, and the catchily named phablet-sized phone? That's the iPhone 6 Plus. Read More >

iPhone 6 Plus Hands On: It's So Big
Say hello to Apple's 5.5-inch powerhouse smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus. It's the largest phone that our favourite Cupertino fruit company has ever produced, and we just got our hot little hands on its big, honking chassis. Read More >

How the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Stack Up Against Their Toughest Competition
How do Apple's latest and greatest measure up to the stiff smartphone competition? Let's see. Read More >

Apple's New A8 Chip: A 64-Bit Monster (But Just 1GB of RAM)
A 64-bit beast, it's using two billion transistors, is 25 per cent faster, 50 per cent more efficient and 13 per cent smaller than its A7 predecessor. Read More >

The new iPhone will support calling over Wi-Fi, and Apple has just confirmed that EE will be the first UK network to support this "great new idea". Read More >

Wrap Your Shiny, New iPhone 6 in a Silicone or Leather Case
Not a fan of the new-look iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but need all those new iOS features and 64-bit chip enhancements? Then why not cover the handset in one of these ahem...fetching...silicone cases. Read More >

iOS 8 will be available for everyone with an iPhone 4S or later, starting September 17th. Stand by for those confused grandparents, folks. Read More >

Apple Pay Wants to Kill Your Wallet for Good
In some senses, Apple's had one hand inside its customer's wallets for some time now, given how expensive its stuff always proves to be. But with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it's entering the world of mobile payments proper with Apple Pay. Read More >

Want an iPhone 6 but can't be bothered queuing up outside an Apple Store? Human-renting service (not like that...) TaskRabbit is reminding its customers that you can hire one of its team to camp out for you. Read More >

Apple Just Gave iOS 8 a Few New Tricks
We've long known that iOS 8 was a powerful (mostly under-the-hood) upgrade. But on its official launch day, Apple announced a few new features that really take the operating system to the next level. And you won't even have to hunt very hard to find them. Read More >

iTunes Comes With Free Bono
Your iTunes subscription now comes with its very own free Bono (album in which he sings lead vocals). Read More >

There's a new iPhone, which of course means that Apple's dropped the price on the existing line: £319 for the 8GB iPhone 5C, or £459 for the 16GB iPhone 5S. Read More >

Apple Finally Killed the iPod Classic. RIP iPod Classic.
Today is a sad day. Today is also a happy day for several exciting reasons, but today is a sad day for one very specific reason. Today is the day the iPod Classic died. Read More >

Got some nude photos you want to store in the cloud? Apple's just updated its iCloud pricing structure: while it's still only 5GB for free each month, 20GB now costs 79p, 200GB costs £2.99, 500GB costs £6.99 and 1TB costs £14.99. Read More >

Here's What Was Inside Apple's Mysterious White Box Venue
An iPhone 6 gallery of course! And a very Kubrickian one at that. Read More >

Here's How to Get the Final Version of iOS 8 Right Now
Apple has official released the golden master (read: non-beta) version of iOS 8 to to developers, ahead of its public release next week on September 17th. Meaning your bug-free, beauty of an OS is finally just a click away. Read More >

Does Apple Really Need to Make a Watch for Left-Handed Southpaws?
Wow, that was quick. No sooner has Apple revealed its smart Watch than somebody has set up a petition complaining about it. Read More >

Apple Debuted a Brand-New Custom Typeface With its Watch
Something I was watching closely as the Apple Watch was revealed today: which typeface would grace this shiny, tiny new device? Well, it's not Helvetica. Read More >

Image Credit: Lifehacker