Apple's New Green Spaceship HQ Will Reuse 90 Per Cent of the Old One

By Gerald Lynch on at

Tim Cook is making good on that promise that Apple's new campus will be the "greenest building ever". While that claim seemed quite a wide-eyed one at the time, new details about Apple's construction plans make Cook's statement seem plausible.

According to Business Insider, not only is Apple meeting Cupertino law that states that construction sites must reuse at least 75 per cent of materials from any demolished structure, Apple is going the extra mile and is using 90 per cent. Almost every brick from Apple's current campus will make its way into the new one. Even concrete will be repurposed for new cement.

Chopped trees from Apple's current grounds will be sent to a local mill and turned into construction materials. All power the building requires will come from renewable sources (it's not clear yet how much will generated onsite by solar or wind farming efforts), with the "Spaceship" HQ using 30 per cent less energy compared to similar research and development facilities. The circular structure has also been designed in such a way that, for most of the year, it will remain at a comfortable heat for employees without the need for heating or air conditioning. Given how cool the proposed site looks, it's no mean feat to achieve. [Business Insider]