Ask Giz UK Anything* You'd Like, pt. IV (Updated)

By Kat Hannaford on at

As it's been a verylongtime since our last AMA, and as we have some big(gish) news concerning the site, do jump into the comments for the next two hours (12:30 - 2:30pm, today and today only) and ask away.

It's your chance to pester us about any bugs and issues you might've experienced with the site (we know gremlins are still lurking in some places following our redesign); ask about our editorial direction; question us on whether you should splurge on one of the latest iPhones or switch allegiance to another platform... and also grill your new Giz UK editor Matt Hill.

That's right -- after three years of steering HMS Giz UK, the time has come for me to step aside and give the site a set of strong new hands to wrench the ship wheel from left to right. You're going to miss my (truly awful) analogies, aren't you? Maybe the six months of backpacking around SE Asia, Australia and South America that I've lined up from October will give me some fresh material. Here's hoping.

I'll be doing a proper sign-off next week when I clamber down the ladder onto terra firma, but until then, please join me in welcoming Matt to the Giz UK family. Matt, Gerald, Jack and myself will be on hand until 2:30 to answer any questions you throw our way (*within reason...), with hopefully some cameos from Giz regulars Tom, Chris and Gary also.

Updated: Thanks to everyone who joined us during that two hour sprint! Matt officially starts October 1st, when I'm sure he'll introduce himself properly to you all. I finish up on Giz next week, so look out for a sobfest of a Spiel From Them Below from me then.