BT Claims Gigabit Internet is Possible Using Antique Copper Lines

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT says it's successfully tested a combined upspeed and downspeed connection running at 1Gbps over a part-copper network, raising the prospect of a "Fibre To The Distribution Point" system that could replace the need for fibre to be wired into individual houses.

BT's new system rolls fibre wires out to telegraph poles and junction boxes, allowing users to potentially receive FTTP speeds without the need for drastically rewiring homes. BT says it was able to push data at up to 800Mbps over 19m of copper wire while also leaving room for a 200Mbps upstream, figures that dropped only slightly to a 700/200Mbps link over 66m of copper wire.

BT says this should cover 80 per cent of connections, and offers a cheaper option of bringing the fastest of the superfast connections to homes. BT's new Adastral Park R&D lab in Ipswich will further investigate whether this G.FAST system could enter mainstream use. [BT]