Camping Out for an iPhone 6? Spare a Thought for Those Who Sleep Rough Every Night

By Gerald Lynch on at

Camping out for an iPhone 6 tonight? Spare a thought for those that do it every night, with no prized smartphone to wake up to in the morning. Thousands sleep rough up and down the UK as they have no choice, and, as our bros at Giz AU point out, if you can afford a new iPhone, you can afford to help them out a little too.

Whether it's giving away your sleeping bag or camping equipment once you've picked up your shiny new phone, or donating £5 to a homelessness charity like Shelter (pocket money compared to the £539 asking price of the entry-level iPhone 6), take Apple's "think differently" slogan as a call to arms. Think differently, make a difference. [Gizmodo Australia]

Image Credit: Homeless from Shutterstock