Channel 4's 4oD to Become All 4 in 2015

By Gerald Lynch on at

Channel 4's 4oD on-demand streaming service is to close next year. But don't worry! If you want instant access to Peep Show, Embarrassing Bodies and The Inbetweeners, it's simply all being moved over to a new platform called All 4.

With Channel 4 now having access to a database of 11 million 4oD users, All 4 will allow for a more interactive, tailored experience for each viewer. Recommendations based on a viewer's most-watched shows, for instance, will be pushed to the front.

Catch-up and archive content that is already accessible on 4oD from Channel 4, Film 4, More 4 and E4 will remain the same (albeit wrapped up in a new-look interface), but they will also now sit alongside a new "Now" area, livestreaming whatever is currently showing on the linear broadcast channels.

An "On Soon" page will showcase upcoming Channel 4 programming, while a new "Shorts" hub will play host to Channel 4's newly-commissioned shorts films and documentaries.

Though a precise roll-out has not been shared yet, the rebranded service will launch on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch initially by the end of the first quarter of 2015. Android and Windows Phone users will have to wait a little longer, as will console and set-top box owners, though Channel 4 promises the delay between the service hitting the remaining operating systems should only be a few months at most.