China Mobile Has Already Opened Pre-Orders for the iPhone 6

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you've got a really dark, cross-your-heart secret that you don't want getting out, it's probably best not to tell it to China Mobile. Clearly not fearing the well-known wrath of Cupertino, the Chinese network has already opened pre-orders for Apple's iPhone 6. You know, the one nobody is meant to know anything about until next Tuesday.

China Mobile is already accepting pre-orders on both the rumoured 4.7 and 5.5-inch models, adding weight to the whispers that Apple will be launching two differing models. It's collected more than 33,000 orders, though doesn't share details of when the phone will arrive, nor what to expect from the spec sheets beyond the sizes.

Apple's only been selling the iPhone through China Mobile since the start of the year, so I suppose the network's not quite so used to the Californian company's cloak-and-dagger tactics. Or it just doesn't give a crap. It's quite refreshing actually. [MacRumors]