Chubby Checker Sold Soul to Atari for Dig Dug Advert Song

By Gary Cutlack on at

Chubby Checker, of Let's Twist Again fame, recorded a special song for Atari in the early 1980s, a track that was supposed to be used as part of an advert for platform game Dig Dug. It wasn't, but it now exists in digital internet form for us all to... enjoy.

The song was discovered by Matt Osborne, son of a former Atari exec from back in gaming's first glory years, who's stuck it up on SoundCloud. It's bizarre in the extreme, with Checker singing about mining and digging as a deep-voiced character interjects with additional game advice, like some sort of baritone GamesMaster.

Near the end of its two-minute runtime you will be begging it to stop. [SoundClound via Wired, Game Preservation Dump]