Classic Music Videos Getting Re-edited to Include Modern Product Placement

By Gary Cutlack on at

Music giant Universal has signed a deal with advertising specialist Mirriad to bring in-video ads to its back catalogue. Expect to see modern banner ads for beer and energy drinks pasted over billboards in reworked versions of old videos.

The idea is simple. Doing this helps monetise the vast back catalogue of music clips in existence, plus it gets around the myriad ways users try to block and skip the adverts that are becoming more intrusive and unavoidable by the day. Here's the Mirriad concept video that explains just how pervasive this "native" ad format could be:

Universal says pop youths Avicii will be among the first to have their videos augmented with the logos of some brands, with the system demonstrated in the top image in which the Grand Marnier booze brand has paid to have a sticker stuck on a wall behind a man from Far East Movement. [Universal via Slashgear]