Colour-Coded Beers for When You're Too Pissed to Read the Labels

By Gerald Lynch on at

Now this would make for an interesting party -- instead of everyone bringing their favourite branded beverages, what if all bottles and cans were instead colour coded based on what was inside them? You might not end up with 100 cans of Fosters left over at the end...

Instead of overloading each label with branding and ingredients, designer Txaber goes for a simple system that assigns each beer a colour from the pantone system, based on the hue of the brew inside. So a light Pale Ale gets a 604 C yellow on the pantone scale, while the firey Dark Ale gets an 1815 C deep red. Even if you're totally sloshed, you'd never accidentally pick up a lager instead of a stout ever again. [Txaber via Design Boom]