Dartmoor Ponies Could be Sold for Meat in Attempt to Save Species

By Gary Cutlack on at

Conservationists have come up with a bizarre way of saving the iconic Dartmoor pony -- serving them up as meat. The Dartmoor Hill Pony Association believes that by creating a market for pony meat in the UK it could save the breed. And if it becomes really popular they could be bred in cages seeing as they're so small and meaty.

The Dartmoor Hill Pony Association asked some chefs to cook dishes using pony meat, in an attempt to prove that horse is nice and beefy and perhaps the UK could be convinced to try it out. There's WAR over the suggestion, though, as rival horsey group Dartmoor Pony Trust says the plan is "shocking." Someone ought to ask the ponies. [North Devon Journal via BBC]

Image credit: Dartmoor pony from Shutterstock