Does Apple Really Need to Make a Watch for Left-Handed Southpaws?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Wow, that was quick. No sooner has Apple revealed its smart Watch than somebody has set up a petition complaining about it.

Richard Meyer of Portland, Oregon is peeved at Apple's perceived lack of care when it comes to catering for left-handed users. According to the petition page:

Apple announced its newest breakthrough, the Apple Watch, which Apple says "represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology." That is, unless you're left-handed. The watch is designed to be worn on the left hand, which makes it difficult for the 10 per cent or so of the population that is left-handed. Apple appears to have created a great product, except for the fact that 10 per cent of the population will need to become ambidextrous in order to use it. Let's petition Apple to make a watch that is friendly to southpaws!

At the time of writing, the petition has 15 supporters. It's looking to get 100 names in support of its cause (which, to be honest, hardly sounds like enough people to get Apple to take note).

I'm not left handed, but do have a button-heavy Casio calculator watch that I wear on both wrists -- I'm not ambidextrous, I'm just not picky either, and I have no problem using its buttons. Though it may be fractionally less comfortable to use for left handers, that twisty-turny crown won't be inaccessible. Maybe this is one fight that's not worth wasting time with? [Change]

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