EE 4G SIM-Only Plans Now Start at Just £9.99

By Gerald Lynch on at

With 4G contracts now slowly becoming the standard, EE's given its 4G SIM-only plans a shake-up, meaning you can now pick up a SIM-only plan for less than a tenner a month.

Of course, the £9.99 package is a pretty measly one -- you'll get just 250MB of data, 250 minutes and unlimited texts. You're better off coughing up an extra few quid for the £15.99 deal, which bags you 2GB of 4G "double speed" data and unlimited calls and texts. A no-strings 30-day rolling contact will cost an additional £3 per month.

Note however that EE's current data allowances are set for a promotion that ends on January 31st next year. Plans that are today set at 2GB, 5GB or 10GB of data, will for new customers revert back to 1GB, 3GB and 5GB allowances early next year. Act now to get the most data-bang for your buck. And, yes, I just said data-bang. [EE]