Forget the Burger Pizza, This is the Pizza Burger

By Tom Pritchard on at

A little while ago Pizza Hut introduced their strangely desirable-looking 'cheeseburger pizza', and now the opposite has happened: a burger made of pizza made in celebration of the NFL International Series coming to London.

When I say a burger made of pizza, I mean a burger literally made of pizza. This is two burgers, cheese, and bacon sandwiched between two pieces of margarita pizza. Because what better way to celebrate American culture than with greasy fattening food that shouldn't be as delicious as it is?

If you want to get hold of this delicious-looking monstrosity, you can get it from Ed's Easy Diner in London from tomorrow until the 9th November. It's meant to be for two people, so make sure to take a friend along. [ Ed's Easy Diner via Metro]

Featured image via Ed's Easy Diner