Give Up Now, This Alien Human Pilot Mask Already Wins Halloween

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You can go ahead and scrap your plans for that 'hilarious' bent iPhone costume you've been planning, because even though October's not even here yet, we've already clearly got a winner for this year's best Halloween getup. And it only takes mere seconds to put on, no hours spent in a makeup chair.

Give Up Now, This Alien Human Pilot Mask Already Won Halloween

Believe it or not this intricate tiny alien piloting (what appears to be) a beheaded human is nothing more than a simple mask filled with foam so that it's light and comfortable to wear while still maintaining its shape.

Unfortunately it looks like it is only available within the US, but if you've got the requisite skills, you could easily take it as inspiration to create your own awesome Haloween-winning costume. [The Horror Dome via Dude I Want That]