Here's How to Stop the New U2 Album from Auto-Clogging Your Impeccable iTunes Library

By Gerald Lynch on at

In an unprecedented move at the iPhone 6 launch last night, Irish rockers U2 not only gave every Apple iTunes user a free copy of their new album, they also automatically forced it onto every single iTunes account ever, too.

There are a fair few U2 fans out there who are likely delighted, but if the thought of bloody Bono going anywhere near your iTunes library fills you with rage, relax. You're not stuck in a moment that you can't get out of. As UsVsTh3m points out, it's very easy to remove the U2 tracks -- even if at first you don't even notice they are there.

Rather than automatically downloading when you open up iTunes, Bono's boys have hidden the album in your iTunes Cloud Purchases. These can be found by going to the iTunes "Preferences" pane and scrolling down to "Show iTunes in the Cloud purchases." Clicking this option will reveal the new Songs of Innocence album in its full glory / horror, depending on your musical taste. Select all the tracks, hit delete on your keyboard and then select the "Hide Items" option from the dialogue box that pops up. That'll hide them from all your Apple devices, pouring water on what could have been an unforgettable fire for good. [UsVsTh3m]