Here's the First Windows Phone Device With Official "Windows" Branding

By Pranav Dixit on at

We already knew, thanks to leaked internal documents, that Microsoft was ditching the Windows Phone branding for a simple "Windows" on devices that run its mobile operating system. Now, we have our first look at an actual phone that uses the branding.

British brand My Go has displayed the Windows branding on an unlinked microsite on the company's official website. The page, marked with a "CONFIDENTIAL - Internal Use Only" banner on top shows off the 4.7-inch GoFone GF47W. While the technical specifications of the handset reference Windows Phone 8.1, a number of high-resolution images on the back of the device show the standard Windows logo, not the Windows Phone logo.

The page looks ready to go, so it seems the device is almost ready for release. But there's no word on when, and Microsoft hasn't officially confirmed the change in branding yet.

The Verge speculates that "the shift to just the Windows name appears to be a move by Microsoft in preparation for a combined version of Windows RT and Windows Phone due next year. As the future operating system will run across phones and small tablets, it wouldn't make sense keeping the Windows Phone brand for devices that are clearly not phones".

Interesting. [Neowin via The Verge]

Top image: Neowin