Homeless Charity Sells iPhone 6 Queue Spot for £570

By Matt Hill on at

We love it when great minds think alike. Just yesterday we urged those who have enough dosh to bunk off work, camp outside an Apple store all night and buy an iPhone 6 on launch day to give a little back to those genuinely having to sleep on the street. And today we learn that homeless charity Depaul auctioned off its hard-won fifth place in the queue outside the London flagship store to do just that.

Reps from the UK charity camped out all night, with proceeds going to help young homeless in the capital. The Ebay listing closed at just after 6am this morning, meaning whoever won had to make a mad dash down to Regent Street by 8.30am with ID and eBay win slip in hand to claim their place in time for the 9am. So that's a cool £1,109 for a new smartphone then, but hey, it's all in a good cause. [The Independent]