Huddle Up to the Tesco Hudl 2 Tablet From October 3rd

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may have given up its ambitions in the smartphone sphere, but Tesco's still got its eyes on a larger chunk of the tablet market. After managing to shift more than 500,000 of its Hudl tablet, Tesco has sent invites out to an event on October 3rd, teasing the unveiling of the Hudl 2.

"We want to show you the bigger picture," reads the invite (so that'll be a bigger screen then), along with the hashtag #Letshudl. Tesco's landing page for the Hudl line has also been updated, giving visitors the option to sign up for more information on the Hudl 2 and offering a "sneak peek" for those that do so. There's also the suggestion that the tablet will come in a refreshed range of colours, including white, red, orange, pink, red, black, baby blue, navy and purple if the invite is anything to go by.

We'll be heading down to the event on the third, and have reason to be excited -- the first Hudl was among the best budget tablets we've ever tried. If Tesco can keep the price low and the specs high, it could have another winner on its hands, one that would mean it wouldn't have to ahem...tweak its profit forecasts.