Human Burger Reveals We Taste of Pork, Veal and Chicken

By Gary Cutlack on at

A burger said to approximate the taste of human flesh has been created, using the testimonials of known cannibals to come up with a ballpark idea of what a man-burger might taste like.

Food creatives Miss Cakehead and chef James Thomlinson are behind the creation, which has been cobbled together from hospital offcuts* to promote the forthcoming new series of zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead. A mixture of pork, veal, chicken livers and bone marrow have been blended to create the exotic meaty taste.

Seeing as it's all a stunt to promote something on the telly, there's a hashtag to check if you'd like more information. Follow the Terminus Tavern hashtag #terminustavern and the place where the "human" meat burgers go on sale, on September 30th somewhere in East London, will be revealed. [Metro]

Image credit: Burger from Shutterstock