If You've Time to Complain About Downton Abbey Kindle Adverts, Then You Probably Need a Kindle

By Gerald Lynch on at

Anachronous Amazon advertisements are making the blood of some costume drama fans boil, as the new series of Downton Abbey is being bookended by promos for the new Kindle. In the *outrageous* clips, bonnet-wearing servants take breaks between scenes of the show, settling down with the eReader for a quick whip through a few digital pages.

This, according to some fans of the ITV programme  has "ruined the illusion" and "killed the magic of the show". Because, clearly, until the adverts aired we'd all been 100 per cent convinced that Downton Abbey was actually a reality TV show, and not a fictional period drama. It's like complaining that a car advert between halves of an ancient history program makes it hard to believe dinosaurs once lived. Some people... [Daily Mail]