IFA 2014: All the Gadgets, All the Tech, All the Things

By Kat Hannaford on at

Gerald and I are back in Berlin for another IFA trade show extravaganza; for the uninitiated, it's up there with Vegas' CES and Barcelona's MWC as being one of the biggest dates in the tech calendar. With announcements from some of the major manufacturers today, check out what's in store for the coming months:

Phones, Phablets and Tablets

- Sony Xperia Z3 Will Let You Remote Play PS4 Games. Read More >
- Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: Almost an Exact Match to its Big Bro. Read More >
- The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is One Weird-Looking Device. Read More >
- Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Better in all the Right Places. Read More >
- Sony's Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is So, So Light. Read More >
- Lumia 730 and 830 Hands On: Windows Phone on a Budget. Read More >
- Lumia Update Brings in Always-On Cortana. Read More >
- Nokia's New Charger Tells You When Your Phone Needs Juice. Read More >
- Logitech's New Bluetooth Keyboard Docks Tablet and Phone at Once. Read More >
- Toshiba's Encore Mini: One of the Cheapest Windows 8.1 Tablets. Read More >
- Lenovo Tab S8: Skinny, Cheap and Surprisingly OK. Read More >
- HTC Desire 820 is a Powerful 64-Bit Android Mid-Ranger. Read More >
- CAT S50 Rugged Smartphone Announced. Read More >
- LG Snipes With Samsung Over Note 4. Read More >
- Portable Elgato Charger Reminds You to Bring it Along on Busy Days. Read More >
- Well, the Huawei Ascend G7 Metal Looks Very Familiar. Read More >
- Sphero Ollie: A Devilishly Speedy Toy Controlled by Your Phone. Read More >
- Moto G (2014) Hands On: Bigger Bang For Slightly More Buck. Read More >
- Moto X 2014 Hands On: Better, Smarter, Bigger. Read More >
- Moto Hint Hands On: The First Non-Dorky Bluetooth Headset? Read More >
- Microsoft's Promised More Lumia 1020-Like Phones Will be Released. Read More >


- Sony SmartWatch 3 Smartly Opts for Android Wear. Read More >
- Sony SmartBand Talk Takes Calls and Play Music With a Finger Snap. Read More >
- Samsung Gear S Hands On: A Tiny Phone That's Big on Your Wrist. Read More >
- New Samsung Watch Proves all That Glitters is Not Gold. Read More >
- The Samsung Gear S Gets a Smartwatch Keyboard You Might Use. Read More >
- Garmin's Vivosmart is a Fitness Tracker With Smartwatch Tendencies. Read More >
- Asus ZenWatch: Home-Grown Functionality With a Big Price Tag. Read More >
- Intel's Got a Luxury £600 Smart Bracelet for Women. Read More >
- LG G Watch R Hands On: Smartwatches Come Full Circle. Read More>
- Android Wear 2.0 May Launch as Soon as Next Month. Read More >
- Moto 360 Hands On: The One We've Been Waiting For (Probably). Read More >


- Sony Has New Lens Cameras For Your Weird-Angle Selfies. Read More >
- Sony Action Cam Mini: A Shrunken-Down Shooter. Read More >
- OlloClip Multi-Lens Add-On For Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4. Read More >

Home Cinema and Audio

- Sony Short-Throw 4K Projector Headed to the UK Next Summer. Read More >
- Sony Walkman A17: A Tiny Music Player For High-Resolution Audio. Read More >
- You Can Now Buy This Curved Soundbar for Your Curved TV. Read More >
- Amazon Launches Fire TV in the UK for £79. Read More >
- Panasonic Raises Technics Brand From the Dead. Read More >
- Bose QuietComfort 25: Classic Noise-Cancelling Cans Get Updated. Read More >
- Roam Ropes are Necklace Headphones You Won't Lose. Read More >
- Sennheiser Takes a Crack at Beats With "Urbanite" Headphones. Read More >
- Monster Gets into Crowded Wi-Fi Speaker Gig. Read More >

AR and VR

- Samsung's Answer to the Oculus Rift is a Phone-Powered VR Beast. Read More >
- Panasonic's AR Make-Up Mirror Turned Me Into a Pussycat Doll. Read More >


- Toshiba’s Chromebook Gets a Redesigned Full HD Model. Read More >
- ASUS is Resurrecting the Netbook With the EeeBook X205. Read More >
- This New Wireless Hard Drive Cuts Out Cords, Adds an SD Card Slot. Read More >
- Wacom Bamboo Fineline: A Bluetooth Stylus With a Point So Fine. Read More >
- Acer R13 and R14: Overhauled Convertibles That Look Oddly Familiar. Read More >
- Huawei Ascend Mate 7 is a Finger-Scanning Phablet. Read More >
- Lenovo's New Thinkpad Helix: A Full, Fanless PC in an iPad-Size Body. Read More >
- HP's Chromebook 14 Gets a Big Time Tegra K1 Boost. Read More >
- Samsung Whacks Android and a 10.1-inch Screen on a Printer. Read More >
- Dell's 27-Inch 5K Monitor is Filet Mignon for Eyes. Read More >
- Intel's Core M Might Finally Give Us True Laptop-Tablet Hybrids. Read More >

Home Stuff

- Dyson's First Robo-Vac Has Tank-Treads and a 360-Degree Camera. Read More >
- Philips' Newest Hue is Two Lights in One. Read More >
- Panasonic's Concept Hob Will Stir Your Gravy for You. Read More >
- Withings Baby Monitor Checks if Your Little One's Been Smoking. Read More >