iFixit's Live iPhone 6 Plus Teardown Finds Oversized Battery, 1GB RAM

By Chris Mills on at

iFixit, famous breakers of things, were Down Under to scoop up an iPhone 6 Plus as soon as it went on sale. Now, they're teasing the rest of us with a step-by-step liveblog of the teardown process.

The disassembly isn't the simplest — you have to extract two proprietary Pentalobe screws, and then lever the entire front display assembly away from the rest of the body with a suction cup, being careful not to rip the TouchID sensor-wire clean off.

The 6 Plus is rocking a 2915mAh battery, which is nearly double the 1560mAh cell in the iPhone 5S. However, compared to other 5.5-inch phones, it's a bit of a disappointment: the OnePlus One is packing a 3100mAh cell, and the Galaxy Note 3 (which, admittedly, is a bit better endowed in the size department) has 3200mAh up its sleeve.

The teardown boys have also confirmed that 1GB of RAM is powering the 6 Plus. That doesn't seem like much compared to the 2-3GB that high-end Android phones are packing these days; but slow performance certainly hasn't been a complaint of recent reviews.


We'll keep an eye on the live-stream and let you know if they find any tiny Jony Ive action figures hidden inside the RAM modules. [iFixit]