Intel's Got a Luxury £600 Smart Bracelet for Women

By Pranav Dixit on at

This is the MICA, short for "My Intelligent Communication Accessory", Intel's first luxury smart bracelet aimed specifically at women. It looks nothing like a smartwatch but it has the guts of one.

Details are still scant — Intel says that it will reveal more in October — but here's what we do know: the MICA will provide notifications from your smartphone, push SMS messages, calendar reminders and meeting alerts on a curved, sapphire glass touchscreen display. It will also sport a 3G cellular radio, so you can use it without a smartphone paired, something that Samsung's recently unveiled Galaxy Gear S already does. And you can charge it wirelessly or via USB.

If you care about fashion, you will also be interested to know that it will come in two styles: black snakeskin and pearls, and white snakeskin and obsidian.

The device will be officially unveiled in New York at Opening Ceremony's Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show, with whom Intel has officially partnered. It will be available by the holidays at Barneys and Opening Ceremony Stores at under $1,000, in line with similar jewellery from Opening Ceremony, reports CNET.

For Intel, a company that is betting its future on the wearables market, the MICA seems to be a niche accessory, which, I suspect, won't really gain any mass market traction. Then again, manufacturers are really pushing wearables into the fashion space. In June, Google started selling a fashionable version of Google Glass, which was developed with designer Diane von Furstenberg; Ralph Lauren unveiled a Polo Tech shirt on the day of the U.S. Open, with sensors knitted into the fabric to track movement; and FitBit has partnered with designer Tory Burch to stuff its popular fitness trackers into hinged bracelets and necklaces.

Intel's last wearable was a pair of fitness tracking earbuds developed with 50 Cent and SMS audio, which will ship at around £100 when they're released later this year.