iPhone 6 Has "Bendgate", Now Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Has "Gapgate"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's been getting some stick for it's iPhone 6 Plus's "bendgate" problem, which sees the handset warp under force. While that's possibly been blown out of proportion (you're going to have to really work hard to get the phone to bend), Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 may have a more pressing problem. Straight off the production line, some South Korean users are reporting that there's a visible gap between the handset's display panel and casing.

It's a gap big enough to slide a business card into apparently, as shown in the image above. Samsung is reported to have rushed out the Galaxy Note 4 in its native South Korea to counteract the threat of the larger iPhone, but it seems both now have not only equally big phones, but equally big PR problems to solve. Hopefully Samsung will have had enough time to iron out the issue in time for the Galaxy Note 4's UK launch on October 10th. [IT Today via BGR]