iPhone 6 NFC Chips Will Only Work With Apple Pay

By Gerald Lynch on at

You wait years for NFC compatibility in an iPhone, and then Apple go and hamstring it. Speaking to Cult of Mac, an Apple spokesperson has confirmed that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus NFC chips will be reserved exclusively for use with the Apple Pay payment system.

Apple's restricting access to the NFC chip from developers, meaning you won't be able to use the contactless data system to (among other uses) pair NFC speakers, share files with other NFC-enabled devices or communicate with other NFC-enabled gadgets. This is despite Apple showing off NFC's myriad potential uses, such as the ability to use the new iPhones to unlock hotel room doors.

The NFC chips, manufactured by NXP, do have the potential to be opened up to developers, so it's likely that Apple will relax this limitation over time. For now, it seems Apple just wants to familiarise its user base with Apple Pay and the concept of NFC capabilities before fully letting the genie out of the bottle. [Cult of Mac]