It Turns Out Apple Paid £61 Million to Give Away U2's New Album

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all know that U2's latest album is being forced onto given away to every single person with an iTunes account. While it hasn't cost the consumer a single penny, Apple isn't so lucky -- having reportedly paid $100 million (£61 million) for the privilege of giving that music away.

According to the New York Times, the money was used to pay royalty fees and marketing expenses, with U2 frontman Bono reportedly saying to Apple, "First you would have to pay [for the album], because we're not going in for the free music around here". So as charitable as Bono might consider himself to be, he isn't so charitable that he's willing donate his music to the world. Personally I'm quite grateful for that.

U2's manager also clarified that the album was "a gift from Apple to their [sic] customers" as it is something the company has bought and decided to give away out of the kindness of its own heart.

While the album, called Songs of Innocence, has been receiving generally favourable reviews from critics, some people have expressed annoyance that the album is being preloaded onto every iTunes account without any input from the user. Luckily there are steps that can be taken to fix that. [New York Times via BGR]