Jony Ive Flies Around the World in Steve Jobs's Private Jet

By Gerald Lynch on at
Jony Ive doesn't have time for check-in queues. When the Apple design guru needs to fly, he travels on his very own private jet. Not just any private jet, but the 15-seater Gulfstream 5 that formerly belonged to his late mentor Steve Jobs.

According to a Business Week report, Ive picked up the craft at a mate's-rates price from Jobs's widow Laurene Powell Jobs. Even before customising, a Gulfstream 5 can sell for more than £9 million. And with Ive helping to design the interior of the craft back in Jobs's lifetime, the Apple executive is said to have joked "At least I don't have to redesign anything."

While Jobs requested that the FAA block public tracking of the plane (a request that Ive has maintained) the jet has a distinctive tail number -- N2N -- letting plane-spotters easily identify it out on the runway. Any dreams you may have had however of chewing the cud with Ive on a public long-haul flight look off the cards for now. [Business Week]