Jony Ive Reveals Apple Watch Was Three Years in the Making in Rare Interview

By Gerald Lynch on at

Aside from those scripted Apple videos that accompany each of the company's hardware launches, you rarely get to hear from Jony Ive, Apple's industrial design guru. But with the Apple Watch being the company's most important major new product since the iPad, he was being relatively verbose last night.

ABC's Nightline managed to bag some rare interview time with our very own Knight of the Realm, who revealed that the Watch was three years in the making, put together by a small, core team.

"We worked extremely hard to make an object that would be desirable and extremely personal," said Ive. "We don't all want to wear the same watch."

Which lead Ive on to claim that there are "millions and millions" of different versions of the Apple Watch. Hmm. Not so sure about that Jony -- though you've a couple of different sizes to choose from, we're not going to let you get away with claiming that different straps and faces constitute whole new watches! Catch a clip of the interview below.

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