Laptop Ban Boosts Boutique Bakery's Business

By Gary Cutlack on at

A ban on deliberately slow-eating laptop users in one US bakery has led to an increase in custom, with sales UP and public satisfaction UP following the crackdown on catatonic men sitting there staring at MacBooks all day.

The August First bakery inĀ Burlington, Vermont, went laptop-free back in April, when owner Jodi Whalen said: "To walk into a place and see people looking at their screens with a blank stare, it takes away just kind of the community aspect of it -- of you being in a place with other people."

Since banning the looking at of devices on the premises, year-on-year sales growth is up by 10 per cent, an improvement due to the fact that there aren't any freelancers camping out for four hour stretches thinking they're doing the shop a favour by buying a coffee every 120 minutes any more. [Guardian]