London Fire Brigade Outs the City's Worst Lifts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Avoid Barking's Earlsdown House if you value your time, as the lift there has been outed as the one Londoner's are most likely to get stuck in. The fire brigade has been called out 22 times to get people out of its jammed mechanisms.

According to the London Fire Brigade, being stuck in a lift is "inconvenience not an emergency" and the 5,000 call-outs to lift problems each year are a serious drain on resources. Resources that could better spent rescuing cats from trees and perhaps even saving actual humans from burning houses.

Kilburn's Windmill Court is another lift-trap hotspot with 16 call-outs made in the year to August 2014, with Shackleton Court in Shepherd's Bush require 10 rescue visits in the same period.

The introduction of a £290 lift rescue charge for landlords in 2009 has reduced such non-urgent call-outs, but also led to another problem -- chasing the £250,000 the brigade's currently owed in outstanding rescue fees. [London Fire Brigade via Standard]

Image credit: "Elevator" from Shutterstock