Lumpy Bump Mark Food Label Wins UK Dyson Award

By Gary Cutlack on at

This year's round of innovation judging has come to an end, with design and tech student Solveiga Pakstaite winning the UK rubber of the Dyson awards with the concept of a label for food that goes bumpy when your milk is beyond saving.

Pakstaite's Bump Mark invention is apparently easier to read and understand than the traditional printed label, as it goes lumpy when the proteins in the gelatine in the label decay. This rate of decay matches the rot speed of proteins in milk, meat and cheese, so a bumpy label should mean the contents of the package are bumpy too. An ideal solution to stop the blind inadvertently taking a glug of mouldy milk from the jug.

The idea now goes through to battle the inventions of the rest of the world for the 2014 Dyson cash pot. [Guardian]