Lung Disease Chemical Found in E-cigarette Liquid on Sale in the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

A chemical known as diacetyl was discovered in one of four samples of e-cigarette refills bought inside the UK, a food flavouring linked with causing, you guessed it, lung disease.

The BBC's Inside Out investigative strand bought the vapour refills in Newcastle and had the contents tested. Three samples were clear, but the fourth had diacetyl as part of its chemical mix. It's safe to eat and approved for use in food in the UK, but it's not one you want to breathe in, as it's been linked with causing popcorn worker's lung -- a disease suffered by those working in close proximity to it.

Maker VIP has recalled all the troublesome butterscotch flavour versions of the fluids from the UK. [BBC]

Image credit: E-cigarette from Shutterstock