Microsoft Has Promised More Lumia 1020-Like Phones Will be Released

By Tom Pritchard on at

Recently Microsoft's smartphone efforts have been focussed on releasing budget and mid-range handsets, no doubt to incentivise users into adopting Windows Phone by speaking to their wallets. Microsoft has, however, confirmed that it has not forgotten about high powered cameraphones.

Speaking to TechRadar, Jo Harlow, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of the Phones Business Unit, confirmed that a phone with the power of a Lumia 1020 could still appear in the future. Sadly she did not mention any specific details, nor did she specify when such a device might appear.

While it's good news that Nokia won't become the home of cheap smartphones, let's just hope that high-powered cameraphones means better cameras and not just an increased number of megapixels. [TechRadar]