Misfit Flash Will Help You Keep Fit for Less Than Fifty Quid

By Gerald Lynch on at

With attentions turning to Apple's Watch and its smartwatch rivals in the fitness tracking sphere, there's room increasingly for a cheaper alternative for health-conscious, wearable-wearing fashionistas. Misfit (that lot behind the Shine), are today introducing the Misfit Flash, which will track all manner of sporty metrics and give you a penny's change back from a £50 note.

Pairing up with the Misfit app for iOS and Android, the entire circular face of the wearable acts as a button, which triggers an LED ring of lighting that lets you track how close you are to achieving a set daily fitness goal. The Flash measures everything from steps taken to calories burned, distance travelled to sleep quality, so there are plenty of metrics  that can be monitored. Waterproofing up to 30 metres deep makes it a good partner for a trip to the pool too -- just don't take it along to Abyss-level scuba dives.

The Flash will come in seven colours (including lime, fuchsia and a frosty blue), and can be worn with a wrist strap or clipped onto a lapel. It will hit PC World and Currys stores from mid-November. [Misfit]