Mobile Data Could be Used to Help Predict Where Crime's About to Happen

By Gary Cutlack on at

A study that tried to correlate location data with crime hotspots has supposedly hit on a 68 per cent chance of working out where the next trouble is likely to kick off, using London crime stats and phone data from O2 in a test.

The study combined anonymised mobile data with previous crime reports, taking into account such facts as whether people are within range of their usual home mast and therefore likely to be subdued in front of the the The Great British Bake Off, or whether they're out on the town late at night at therefore more likely to cause trouble.

The magical prediction stuff was done by a computer algorithm, with a 62 per cent crime spot prediction accuracy level claimed from demographic data alone, rising to 68 per cent when mobile use stats were combined. [Medium via Slashdot]

Image credit: Crime from Shutterstock