Naturists to Embrace Apple Watch With Their Saggy, Leathery Bodies

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those who hang around outside naked in order to save money on washing powder may be unusually keen on Apple's new Watch thing, as, according to The Register, the lack of a camera on the device means it's one gadget naturists can trust not to be taking secret photos of their bits.

Andrew Welch, a spokesman for two British naturist groups, said: "There are people who try to infiltrate our meetings to take surreptitious photographs, which is exacerbated by the ease of taking snaps using phones. Taking away that ability would be a benefit, because with the iWatch you don't have that fear."

He also said that not having pockets to keep the required iPhone in is not a problem, as nudists tend to have bags with them at all times, in case the wind suddenly gets up or something appears to be in urgent need of some factor 50 sun lotion. [The Register]

Image credit: Naked man from Shutterstock