The Strokes' Julian Casablancas's Latest Album Comes on a USB Cigarette Lighter

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ah, The Strokes and their frontman Julian Casablancas always were a bit too cool for school. The thrift-store fashionista can't release his new record, Tyranny, on something as passe as a vinyl or CD. No, he's new album comes on a lighter-come-USB drive.

Of course his record company Cult Records isn't crazy and actually wants to sell some albums too so that people can hear his new 11-minute single Human Sadness. Once this promotional burst is through, Tyranny will also get standard CD, LP and digital releases too. It's almost like a hipster rating system -- cigarette lighters for uber-trendy Shoreditch types, LPs for snobby vinyl revivalists, CDs and digital downloads for...everyone else?

In other news, Susan Boyle's new album is to be packed in with dishwasher tablets. Probably. [Consequence of Sound]