Nikon CoolPix S6900 Wants You to Look Deep Into Your Soul Before Hitting the Shutter Button

By Gerald Lynch on at

At some point in the future, there will come a day when asking a stranger to take a photo of you will be a completely redundant request. Seeing as asking a stranger to take your photo almost always ends in your head being chopped off in the resulting picture, that may not be such a bad thing. Nikon takes a step closer to that future devoid of human interaction today with the its CoolPix S6900 compact camera.

Aimed the selfie-obsessed society that smartphone and camera manufacturers keep banging on about, it has a vari-angle display that lets you point the lens of narcissism at yourself, and get a preview of what the eventual photo will look like too. The shutter can be triggered with a gesture-control wave, while built in Wi-Fi and NFC means you can quickly transfer your shots from the camera to a smartphone to share with your friends (who probably wont care as they're all too busy looking at their own photos of themselves).

With a 16MP backlit sensor and 12 x zoom (25-300mm equivalent) lens, there's also a load of selfie-orientated shooting modes on offer. A selective blur options with soften backgrounds in shots, "Glamour" mode will give you a digital facelift and the "self-wide" mode will act like a panorama mode for selfies, letting you stitch a big group photo together from a number of individual photos.

Ready your make-up bag for September 23rd, when this goes on sale priced £199.99.