No Driverless Tube Trains in London "Until 2030"

By Gerald Lynch on at

The future of London transport has been put on hold. According to the Evening Standard, London is now unlikely to see driverless tube trains on the London Underground network until 2030.

That's according to an internal Transport for London document seen by the newspaper, which puts the planned £10 billion upgrade -- also set to introduce air conditioning and walk-through carriages to the deeper lines for the first time (like in these concept designs) -- far off the early 2020s schedule that Mayor Boris Johnson is aiming for. With design firm Priestman Goode expected to draw up the blueprint for the new trains, the Piccadilly Line would be the first line to benefit, with its current fleet built way back in 1972.

The news gives great ammunition to the transport unions that have been at a loggerheads with the Mayor all year over pay and jobs cuts. The looming introduction of driverless trains had been Johnson's trump card. Without them expected now for many years, expect another 16 years of strikes and walkouts to periodically cripple London. [Evening Standard (Newspaper)]